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Now then. I am very aware of the fact that I am a 31-year old fella taking pictures of an inanimate stuffed monkey in various public places, and all the psychological implications that arise from this fact.

But I don’t care, I think it’s funny. Plus you get to see a bit more of Japanese culture in a whacky and unique way, so everyone’s a winner. 😉
Enjoy the links.


Karaoke MonkeySinging Monkey


Tea Monkey


Thirsty Monkey


Commuter Monkey


Traffic Monkey

EDAMAME MONKEY (as per Be’s request!)

Edamame Monkey


 Keitai Monkey


Shopping Monkey

Any requests for future Monkey pictures, let me know in the comments section 🙂



1. be - September 13, 2006

i think monkey should visit a love hotel next or maybe an izakaya, id love to see him with a big bowl of edamame.

2. Kate Abery - September 18, 2006

Yeay! I’m not the only person who thinks it’s fun to take pictures of stuffed animals! I’ve got loads of pictures of Cub from all over the world. I always try to buy him and Zebra (his friend – it’s Ste’s) a hat in each country. So far Cub has a Peruvian hat and they both have Vietnamese rice hats, sombreros and a Madagascan sun hat thing 🙂 They’ll have to visit Japan and get a Japanese hat – what do they look like?

3. urbanblue - September 19, 2006

be – I shall see what I can do! I don’t think they let simians into love hotels (although this is Japan, so who the hell knows!), but I should be able to sort out a bit of monkey and edamame for you. 😉

kate – I would like to point out that I am usually rather drunk when I’m taking these pictures!! But anyways, a Japanese hat? Hmm, I don’t think they really have a traditional hat. You could always get Cub a little tiny kinomo. They make them for Hello Kitty so I’m pretty certain you can find one.

4. penny - September 21, 2006

You should start a wee business selling monkey postcards to tourists. They could take them home to their countries, and take pictures of the picture of monkey in a typical situation in their home land, and then send that back to you for your blog. Mmm…I could take a picture of a picture of monkey wearing a kilt and drining whisky, for example. Or you could just bring him when you visit…

5. penny - September 21, 2006

that ought to be ‘drinking’ and not ‘drining’. D
‘drining’ doesn’t mean anything, even in scotland.

6. urbanblue - September 22, 2006

You know what, there was a plot line on Coronation Street years ago when Derek and Mavis’ garden gnome was kidnapped and whisked off around the world. Whoever it was sent postcards to them of the gnome in various exotic locations. Your idea, Penny my love, smacks a bit of that.
But I do like the idea of monkey in a kilt. Not sure how you’d get him to drink whiskey though, unless he was like that statue of Ganesh where people came to feed him spoonfuls of milk. Being acrylic and all I’m sure he’d absorb a single malt.

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