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Otherwise known as Japanese-English. This is somewhat of an old-hat topic for those who have lived or currently are living in Japan, but the variety of nonsense out there never ceases to amaze me. So here’s a page dedicated to it.

For all the thousands and thousands of eikawa teachers across this country, for all the exposure to western media, for all the international business dealings that take place on a daily basis, the Japanese still tend to prefer dodgy old translation machines for their products and signs. I once went into a restaurant to have some spring rolls, which were enticingly displayed on the menu as “Rolls which pork has painfully entered”.

But you know what? I hope it never ends, because it does brighten up your day when you see things like the items I’ve displayed for you here.

And anyone who’s got any others feel free to post them! 😛

Sign next to the elevator in Landmark TowerElevator sign in the Marine Tower in YokohamaGreetings CardAmazing Nuts!Menu from a Yokohama cafe



1. be - September 26, 2006

Steve-u, i always think of your thing x be

2. urbanblue - September 27, 2006

Aah, thanks sweetheart! xx

3. penny - June 14, 2007

I just remembered standing on the balconey of the ebisu branch of nova smoking one day, and watching a guy walking down the road in a japlish t-shirt, trying to puzzle out what was wrong with the writing on it. I realised I had been in tokyo too long when, after about five minutes of thinking really hard about it, I had to get someone else to take a look and figure it out. The t-shirt said
‘Up me beam, Scotty’

bet it didn’t take you five minutes 🙂

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