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A bit of life history for you.
Starting with the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. There I am looking nothing short of resplendant in my best tartan trousers.

The Queen's Silver Jubilee

Then comes a very sweet picture of me with a rabbit whose name was Bugsy. Bugsy met a sad demise at the hands (paws?!) of an errant ferret, poor little mite.

Now how cheeky do I look here? This was taken on a day trip to France when I was (I think) about thirteen years old.

Cheeky Teens

But look! It all came good, and after copious amounts of studying (ahem!) I graduated from university and managed to get this godforsaken dreadful picture taken. Am I REALLY posting this picture on the web?!?…


And now here I am today. All beardy.

Me Today!



1. Shonan Girl - September 13, 2006

Me thinks that beardy photo was taken by me at my place the other day…You chopped the handsome little fella out of the frame!

2. urbanblue - September 13, 2006

It was! And I did! ;( But only ‘cos I didn’t want to put his image on the world wide web without Mummy’s permission!.. (hint hint…)

3. Catherine - September 27, 2006

Steve, I just so remember the floppy hair and the omlettes and I am a woman in love round my piano!!!
How nice


4. urbanblue - September 27, 2006

Well the floppy hair has certainly gone!! Seems to be retreating further and further up my forehead sadly…. 😦 That being said, I can still make a mean omelette.

5. Deb Ellis - February 4, 2007

Helloooo Mr Penney!

The graduation photo made me laugh out loud, not because of how you look in it love, but more do with me having a matching one of myself lurking in a drawer somewhere! Were you as disapointed as me when you found that the scroll to hold was nothing but a plastic tube???

I think that you are looking even more gorgeous these days, maturity sits well on a man!!

Do you remember Kate Bush and the Army Dreamers??

Love Deb xxxxx

6. urbanblue - February 12, 2007

Oh you flatterer you. But I have to say I am not too disappointed to have the awkward gawky uni-Steve look behind me.
And yes, I was disapointed to find out it was a plastic tube. And a particularly unfriendly photographer if I recall. What I do know is that my dad had about four pictures of me and about thirty seven of Kate Adie when we got the film developed!!
And all hail to Ms Bush, lest we ever forget.

7. Alex - June 1, 2007

Hello Mr Penney

I have been thinking I must write to you for quite a while now, in fact when I went to look for your last email to reply to I found one from December – not sure if that is just my crappy filing or whether the last time we actually spoke was december – oops.

And then of course I went onto your blog and found no entries since April. April!!! Two months ago!! (Just) Am appalled. Obviously you are NOT the dedicated blogger you claim to be.

Anyway, since I’m not entirely sure now if I have your current email I thought I’d better write something here (probably breaking all mystical rules of blogging which I have yet to succomb to)

Yikes, have to go am being chased (feel free to imagine by who/what that might be:o)

xx alex

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