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Here’s a little information about the city where I live.

Yokohama is a port town just west of Tokyo. It’s the second largest city in Japan and is famous for having one of the largest Chinatowns outside China. A lot of Yokohama was destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, and then after being rebuilt was destroyed again by the bombings of WWII. Now it’s a modern city with a busy harbour and international sea port, Landmark Tower (the tallest building in Japan), Minato Mirai shopping and entertainment district and much more. It also retains a strong sense of history. Yamashita Park, on the harbour front, was built on the rubble and reclaimed land following the 1923 earthquake. But Yokohama has a history both Japanese and Western. It was the first city in Japan to open its ports to foreign trade – and therefore foreign immigrants. Even today Yokohama has a large ex-pat “gaijin” community (including me!). You can find classical architecture like the “Aka-Renga” Red Brick Warehouses, the Jack Tower, Bashamichi (literally Horse-and-Carriage Street) and the houses on the Bluff, plus the beautiful surroundings of Sankei-En Garden, Nogeyama Park and the several temples and shrines around the area.

You can click on the photos below to see some of these places. It really is a lovely city, and while I do love Tokyo very much, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere but Yokohama for the duration of my stay in Japan.

Yamashita ParkChinatown at nightNogeyama Park during the Cherry Blossom SeasonLandmark Tower



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