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NEVER shop at Ikea!! April 22, 2007

Posted by urbanblue in Announcements.

You know, from time to time shops give you service that is less than the expected level of customer satisfaction. That kind of thing never drives me to write a complaint, but I have just finished writing an extremely long and angry letter to the IKEA store in Kohoku.

Last weekend Masaru and I went there to buy literally all the furniture for his new apartment. And I mean everything – bed, sofa, dining table and chairs, rugs, lamps, mattress, pillows, garden furniture – the lot. We spent over three hours choosing it all, and when we arrived at the checkout to get it all delivered, they told us we had to go fetch it all first. We told them how much stuff it was, and they STILL said we had to go get it. Just us. Two blokes were supposed to go collect an entire apartment’s worth of furniture without any assistance. We literally had to shout at them before one of the staff begrudgingly offered to help. So that put us in a foul mood to start with. Then they said that there was no garden furniture in stock, which we understood because sometimes that happens. So we asked them how to order it, and they said we couldn’t. I asked them to call the Funabashi store to see if they had it, they said they couldn’t. Which basically means they were breaking the law by advertising something they could not supply and that is totally unacceptable. So after having to drag four trolleys the size of cars up to the checkout, we then had to queue again to arrange for it all to be delivered. The dining table Masaru got was the shop display one because they didn’t have any more in stock – yet he was offered no discount for this.

Yesterday the stuff was delivered, and lo and behold the dining table was missing, and the mattress that the staff had got off the shelf last week was the wrong size (we checked our order sheet and it was definitely not us who made the mistake). We called Ikea, who told us it wasn’t their fault and we should call the delivery company. We said that was absolutely outrageous and that they have to supply the missing items today (otherwise Masaru would have nowhere to sleep). They said they couldn’t do it until tomorrow, i.e. today. AND they said that this kind of thing happens because Ikea isn’t a Japanese company, which I found unbelievably racist and offensive.

Moving is always a stressful thing to do, and this company made what should have been a happy day into one of anger and disappointment.

So, with my anger still very much in tact, and as I promised I would do in my complaint letter, I am making an absolutely genuine request to anyone who reads this blog entry – DO NOT EVER SHOP AT IKEA. THEY ARE CROOKS AND LIARS.

OK, rant over. 🙂



1. penny - June 14, 2007

hello hello!!!

Glad you are alive, sorry not to have checked in for a bit as have had exams. I never thought I would ever be able to use that excuse again for being a hermit, but there you have it.

I also hate ikea, though I live in glasgow so poor service is the norm and I don’t even notice it anymore.(You ever tried asking a glasgow bus driver for the price of a fare, you’ll know what I mean). I still hate it though, mainly because I have had to spend too much time in it recently as my other half also shops for furnishings. the whole process is soul destrying and sucks all the energy out of you like a big energy vampire – I understand how you would be moved to shout a lot by the time you get to the counter, poor service or otherwise. I just want to shout so they’ll let me out.
happy to ever shop there again to support your cause, gives me an excuse the next time he starts the ‘since we’re not doing anything on sunday…’ conversation again….

miss you, chicken. When’s the next installment?

2. Sarah - November 21, 2007

I have loathed Ikea since my first and last visit many years ago. Why do people continue to put themselves through that? No cheap, generically designed stool is worth it!

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