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Keep your hair on!! April 11, 2007

Posted by urbanblue in Day-to-Day.

Oh… too late. Man on train I thought the wicked side of you might enjoy! hehehe…

Carry on…



1. Chrysanthemum mum - April 13, 2007

Oh dear… Didn’t anybody politely alert him to the fact that his wig had fallen off? Oh god, what if he alighted at his station and didn’t realise he was wigless until he was on the platform watching the train disappear into the distance?! The poor man… Did he wake up at some point and pick up his wig? Did you just get off and leave him asleep there on the train wigless? So many questions….However did you manage to take a picture without laughing? Though, I’m guessing you were laughing…

2. urbanblue - April 14, 2007

I wasn’t the one who took this picture (I wasn’t even there in fact!!), so I’m unable to answer your questions sadly! But the word on the street is that the two did go their seperate ways, and the wig is now happily living in Kawasaki with a very good family who are able to provide it with a lovely caring home. 🙂

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