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A British Christmas December 29, 2006

Posted by urbanblue in Adventures.

LeftoversMince Pie

Seeing as I wasn’t able to get home for Christmas this year, I decided I wanted to have the most Brtish Christmas possible at my place. I had three friends over – one Australian, one Canadian and one Japanese – and rather selfishly banned them from requesting anything vaguely resembling food from their own countries. They were also banned from the kitchen while I was cooking under threat of pain. I made:

– Whole roast chicken (a tiny one the size of a sparrow sadly, and not a turkey..)

– Roast Ham

– Roast sausages in parma ham

– Savoy Cabbage

– Brussels Sprouts (could NOT believe I found them!)

– Garlic mashed potatoes

– Roast potatoes

– Buttered baby carrots

– Chocolate Fudge Brownies

– Mince pie with brandy sauce

– Mulled wine

Plus there were chocolates and shortbread all over the place, alongside Baileys, Brandy, champagne, wine and beer.

Tell you what, it’s bloody exhausting!! However my mother and, in more recent years, my brother do this for 10+ people is beyond me.



1. yokohamarama - December 30, 2006

Looks fantastic! We also had sprouts which I forced Pu to eat and I attempted to make a stuffing out of leftover dried fruit in the fridge.
Took the whole of Boxing day to recover.

A very happy new year!
Bu and Pu

2. urbanblue - January 2, 2007

It was nice, but you know when you’re the cook you always worry that it’s too bland/dry/salty etc etc. You can never properly enjoy your own food, can you?

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