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Technophobe December 17, 2006

Posted by urbanblue in Day-to-Day.

 Home necessities

I’ve been using a kind of mobile wireless internet connection for the past couple of years, and yesterday, finally, I had ADSL installed via an optic fibre. Things (and by that I mean episodes of EastEnders and Coronoation Street) that used to take 15 hours to download now take less than ten minutes. My desk is now full of little flashing green lights and gizmos. Bloody complicated to set up, but hey it’s done now. I also got a home phone included (an IP phone anyway), and all this is almost HALF what I was paying for the stupid mobile thing. I seriously have no idea about this kind of stuff, so a big thank you to the NTT (Japan’s equivilent of BT) man who came round yesterday to drill holes in my wall and set it all up.



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