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Now where are the fish fingers? November 25, 2006

Posted by urbanblue in Day-to-Day.

Ribena. Yum.

Look what I came across in the supermarket today! These moments are very few and far between. I’m not actually a huge fan of Ribena, but when you see a brand you recognise it compels you to buy it. Even the Americans amongst you wouldn’t understand this because there are American brands everywhere anyway. Whenever you see an “International Supermarket” in this country, what they really mean is a “US Supermarket”. To find a British brand is just sweet. Even if it ridiculously extortionate. This teeny 800ml bottle cost 840 yen (just over four quid – ouch).

So, should any international importers or exporters out there happen to stumble across this blog, this is what I’d like to see next winging its way to these far eastern shores please:

  • Branston Pickle
  • Piccalilli
  • Findus Crispy Pancakes (the chicken and mushroom ones particularly)
  • Mr Kipling Country Slices
  • Ginsters pasties
  • Bisto instant gravy granules (preferably without Fred Elliot’s ashes in them – an in-joke for the Brits there 😉 )
  • Birds Eye Fish Fingers
  • HP Sauce

And possibly a variety pack of Monster Munch.



1. Shonan Girl - December 3, 2006

Just received some Bisto gravy yesterday from my friend visiting from Leeds. Also received some Birds custard powder and Angel Delight!!! Unfortunately, my Japanese husband now thinks that all British food comes in powdered form (except for the Tunnocks Tea cakes that were also in the food parcel). Other pressies were a John Peel CD – Right Time, Wrong Speed that’s full of classic tracks by the likes of Half Man half Biscuit, The Only Ones, The Birthday Present, The Fall etc… Lucky me, eh?

2. urbanblue - December 4, 2006

How on earth did your friend manage to bring Tunnocks Tea Cakes from Leeds to Japan without squishing them all?! I could barely get them home from the supermarket down the road without crushing at least three.

3. chrysanthemummum - December 5, 2006

They were a bit squished but they still tasted the same. We ate the Strawberry Angel Delight last night and it was delicious. Though, think my husband thought it was a bit weird to eat sushi followed by this pink splodge of additives and E numbers.

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