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Time to invest in a Madagascan phrasebook November 20, 2006

Posted by urbanblue in Adventures.

Where I’ve been

So me and my friend Brian are trying to decide where to go for next year’s holiday. I didn’t get to go abroad this year due to the move and the new job, so am all set and ready for another foreign adventure. Madagascar is top on our list at the moment, with Sri Lanka coming a close second. We are apparently not put off by political coups and guerilla activity. I came across this map thing today that marks all the places you’ve travelled. My one looks a bit empty I reckon, which is disappointing because I thought I’d travelled a fair bit. But if you think about it that is only because I keep visiting teeny tiny countries that just show up as specks. All I have to do is set foot in Russia or Canada and the whole thing will turn red, so I shall be doing that at some point.

I have also been to the Canaries, but they are SO teeny tiny that they weren’t even listed.



1. Linda - December 14, 2006

I love this – do you still have the link?

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