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The eleventh of my images of Japan collection November 4, 2006

Posted by urbanblue in Images of Japan.

I have tried some weird and wacky things in Japan and in other places around Asia. I’ve eaten grasshoppers, raw horse, raw whale (don’t go getting all judgemental on me for that one, I didn’t even know it WAS whale when I was having it), turtle, crocodile, kangaroo and deep fried chicken cartelidge. Squid is extremely tame when compared to this Noah’s Ark of a menu, but I still shudder when I see them dried in bags in the convenience store looking like something Sigourney Weaver should be chasing.

Squid and octopus are very much part of the every day staple diet for a lot of Japanese. One of my first memories of wandering into a supermarket here was seeing colossal bright red octopus tentacles all coiled up and vacuum packed on display. They reminded me of the kind of things the school chef from the Beano used to have sticking out of his cooking pot. Takoyaki, or “octopus balls” (not literally!), are a common snack from street vendors. Fireworks displays in the summer are often accompanied by whole grilled squid on a stick. I personally have never really been a big fan of either, but they are kinda difficult to avoid if you’re out and about. These squid here were drying out in the sun ready to be enjoyed as a beer snack. I think I’ll stick with my pork scratchings and a bag of dry roasted.

Squid on a rack



1. Linda - December 14, 2006

So when you’re soooo hungry in Japan you, “could eat a horse”, you actually can. P’raps I’d best not mention it to my horse riding club type friends…….

2. urbanblue - December 16, 2006

Very true. Although the French also like to tuck into ol’ dobbin too don’t forget!

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