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Beer. And lots of it. October 28, 2006

Posted by urbanblue in Adventures.

Beer festival 2Beer festival

Today was the Japan Beer Festival 2006 in Yokohama. Beers from around the world and from all over Japan were there to be sampled. On arrival you get a little glass, and you basically go up to one of the forty or so stands to try their wares. It started out as a quite conservative affair, with everyone meticulously consulting their pamphlets and discerningly choosing an ale for it’s clarity and hoppiness. By the end they didn’t give a monkey’s wotsit where the beer in their glass came from, and a bunch of them decided to impress the Oompah band with their dancing prowess by linking hands and racing around in a circle. Inhibition is a very fickle thing.

There were some pretty good beers there (I have no idea which, I wasn’t really paying attention), and some pretty awful ones too. The most unusual beers I had were:

  • Honey beer
  • Basil beer
  • Habanero beer
  • Melon beer
  • Chocolate beer

Two of those were actually really nice, three of them were bloody revolting. I’ll leave you to decide which were which.



1. Yokohamarama - October 30, 2006

Basil and Habenero?
btw. that bloke with the camera up our noses did us all proud and we got on telly, according to one of my rather excited students today.

2. Takashi - November 1, 2006

I didn’t know the event. damn it!!
Could you drink VB??

3. urbanblue - November 1, 2006

No, there was no VB. It’s too commercial. Although they did have Kirin….

4. Sheila - November 3, 2006

My guess is:
Good: honey, habanero
Bad: basil, melon chocolate.
How can we check our answers?
I. Must. Always. Be. Right.

5. urbanblue - November 4, 2006

Well, Sheila my dear, one of the Good ones is correct, and one of the Bad ones is wrong. You can check your answers by sending a stamped addressed envelope and a blank cheque made payable to Cash to my home address. 😛

6. Sheila - November 5, 2006

OK, what if I switch habanero and chocolate?

7. urbanblue - November 8, 2006

Then you’d be left with two wrong answers for the good ones. But now through the magic of logic you know which one of the good ones from your first guess is right, AHA!! That’s halfway there! 😉

8. Sheila - November 9, 2006

From this I conclude that you are purely savoury, rather than sweet. Therefore, if I classify melon as sweet, good must be habanero and basil.
MUST be.

9. urbanblue - November 9, 2006

Absolutely correct! 😀 What a logical brain you have on your shoulders there! The Habanero one had quite a kick to it I can tell you, and the basil one (not really basil to be honest, it was Shiso, the Japanese basil they use for sashimi and stuff) was very very nice. But then I like anything with shiso in it.
The melon one was so revoltingly sweet, the honey one tasted like pure honey (which is fine if it’s honey you want, but I wanted beer), and chocolate beer is just plain wrong. WRONG I tell you.

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