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Apple and her Extraordinary Machine October 14, 2006

Posted by urbanblue in Adventures.

Tokyo International Forum
Today I went to see Fiona Apple at the Tokyo International Forum (pictured above). This is the first time I’ve been to that particular venue, and in my humble opinion it lends itself much more towards to the classical music variety of live performance. Ms Apple was belting out her eclectic range of numbers and giving it a bit of welly on the stage, while the audience politely sat in their seats and applauded at the end of each song. One person dained to get up and dance and one point, only to be tapped on the shoulder by the bloke behind him in order to get him to sit down again.

Now if truth be told I actually prefer this arrangement to the whole mosh-pit type of gig. I like to enjoy my performances without bruising, as grandpa-like as that makes me sound. But it felt odd nonetheless to watch her thrashing around the stage while we all sat with our arms crossed. There are times when the Japanese are even more British than the British themselves.



1. Emma Gillan - October 15, 2006

That kind of concert actually reminds me of when you dragged me and Peter all the way to Hammersmith to see Tanita Tikaram. Very painful and very bizarre to just sit down and listen to so calledpop music!!

2. urbanblue - October 16, 2006

Oi you cheeky mare, I did not “drag” you “all the way to Hammersmith”!! lol! I do believe you and Peter came quite willingly! I may have done some dragging when I took you to the pub afterwards though… Watch out for those Security Guards!! 😉

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