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Fun in the forest and death in a metal box September 10, 2006

Posted by urbanblue in Adventures.

Can you see me?Last weekend I was able to enjoy a nice weekend retreat in Hakone (a hot spring resort a couple of hours west of Yokohama). Log cabins, barbecues, beer, wine, nice. Then the next day was spent on a mountain trying to work out how the hell to get to the Open Air Art Museum without having to use the deathly cable car. We asked bus drivers, taxi drivers, shop keepers, everyone what the alternative routes were. It turned out there was only one, which was to take a bus all the way back to Odawara, then get two trains up to the museum. That would have taken nye-on two and a half hours, which when you consider the fact that the cable car ride was in fact only seven minutes seemed a little extreme. So I did it, I rode the bloody thing. I suspended myself in a little metal box about 200m above an active sulphurous volcano. Small child thought my ordeal was funny and kept taking pictures of me with his dad’s mobile phone.



1. M.Penney - September 10, 2006

So how was the open air art museum?

2. urbanblue - September 11, 2006

I’ve posted some pictures from it for you. I did get so sunburnt that day though. Ouch.

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